Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. Vastu Shastra describes in-depth principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Pannache conducts one of the most preferred Vastu Shastra course in Mumbai.

Vastu Shastra is applicable to the architecture of house, office, shop, factory, hospital, home, kitchen, bedroom, puja, well, etc. Knowledge of Vastu Shashtra is a very powerful tool which is frequently used by real estate builders, architects, interior designers etc. As the remedies have a track record of giving great success the Vastu Experts are in demand across the cities and towns. Whether it is a new construction or renovation Vastu Shastra knowledge helps immensely.

The aim of Vastu Shastra is to build happy homes and successful business places with the scientific approach of bringing the balance of fundamental elements (tattava).

Our Vastu Shastra course is developed under the guidance of best experts in India. The course details of Vastu Shastra conducted at Pannache are as follows:

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  1. Origin of Vastu Shastra
  2. Terms and Application in Vastu Shastra
  3. Fundamental Principles And Relation to Astrology
  4. Importance of 5 Elements and 5 Senses
  5. Choice of a Plot and Buying a Flat
  6. Favourable and Unfavourable Plots
  7. Shapes and Sizes of Plot
  8. Importance of Directions, Surroundings and Roads
  9. Professional Fees
  10. Important Tips for New Construction
  11. Ideal Designation of Room and Activities
  12. Effects of Colors and Shapes
  13. Commercial Vastu Shastra
  14. Vastu Remedies and Cures
  15. Auspicious Symbols
  16. Power of the Pyramid – Pyravastu
  17. Vastu Shastra for Interior Design and Landscape

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